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What I Wish Someone Had Shared With Me Sooner

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Have you ever had one of those 'ah-ha' moments in life? One of those things that you just wish you had known about sooner. It could be the wax that you use on your car's exterior. What about that tool that saves you so much time or makes that job so much easier and the finished product that much better. Think about that ingredient or food item that you just stumbled on and started using, which has rocked your world.

Well, there have been many of these moments in my life. Moments that were just so life changing that I just wish someone had shared them with me sooner.

One of those moments for me just happened to be with #finances. I had been living a certain way, spending a certain way, dealing with debt a certain way and I had no one to coach me. No one was passionate or insightful enough to let me know there was a better way, till I discovered it on my own. Frustrating? Maybe, but more important was that I did discover it. If I had just known the value of a #Finance #Coach, or better yet, known one!

How to #budget, #save, #spend and #invest, can be done any old way or, it can be done in a way that maximizes your hard earned money. Maximizing the potential in each of these areas is the way that I choose to live now and I wouldn't have it any other way. Why don't you join me on that journey? Let me be the one to share that 'ah-ha' moment with you. Let me coach you so that you can discover how much fuller, satisfying and worry free your life can be.

Reach out to me to start a conversation.

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