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Marvin Sinclair

Certified Financial Coach

With an educational background in finance that started in University, Marvin has spent the last 21 years working in the not-for-profit sector where he has provided counselling and support to individuals and couples struggling with anxiety and stress.  Often finding the root cause of these issues to be centred around finances and poor money management, Marvin became a Certified Financial Coach and launched Ally Financial Coaching (AFC). 

Through AFC Marvin will teach, encourage and inspire people on their journey to financial freedom. Not only that, he will help people understand their relationship to money.  This relationship is often emotionally based and impacts spending and saving habits in ways people may not realize. Understanding this is just as important as debt reduction, saving and investing, and is often key in ensuring the long-term success of financial goals and dreams.

Marvin is passionate about his faith, his family, the outdoors and Senators hockey. He would love to use that same passion to help you, and would love to see you succeed.

If you are ready to do what it takes to change your financial future and would like a coach in your corner, who will provide insight, clarity and guidance every step of the way, then Marvin would love to chat with you.


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