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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help you as a Financial Coach?

I will work with you, to assess where you are today, and help you create a plan to achieve your financial goals. I will help you create a strategy to eliminate debt, develop a personalized budget and pursue investing options. There are many different topics that I can help you with. For example, which insurance products or housing and mortgage options are right for you? All of this will not only enable you to experience financial freedom, but will ensure that you can leave a legacy!


Is Financial Coaching really worth the investment?

Individuals always find money for the things they value and prioritize.  If you want expert help in this area of your life you need a coach.  While a coach may cost you a little money in the short-term, he will set you on a course that if followed will lead you towards financial freedom for years to come.


Why do you insist on having my spouse and I participate in the coaching sessions together?

Couples will have far greater success in implementing the suggestions of their coach if they hear, process and work on their plan together.  A couple needs to work together for the true potential of their efforts to be realized.


I feel my financial situation is ok. Isn't that good enough?

If after the initial consultation you still feel that you are on the right path to reaching your financial goals, you will be encouraged to keep going.  Since I offer unbiased advice, and do not sell any products, there is no conflict of interest. There is no need to continue if you are already on your way to achieving financial freedom.


I am getting a late start on saving for retirement. Should I even bother?

IYes you should! The power of saving and investing can be realized at any age. It is never too late to change and make wise decisions. Even starting later in life can have a significant impact on your financial future. Let me show you how.


Can I benefit from Financial Coaching?  

Financial Coaching is for everyone! Single, married, young or old. It's all about accountability and moving you toward an amazing future where money is not a concern. Can you imagine living free from money stress and having a future where you don't need to depend on the government for income? It's possible to live the dreams you have today, tomorrow!


Why should I use Ally Financial Coaching to help me?

The ideas, concepts and guiding principles work. I know this first-hand. I have been where you are; no budget, consumer debt and no investments. Now I live differently; with a budget, no debt and investments and I can show you how too! It gives me great satisfaction to help others. You can live beyond just paycheque to paycheque. You can set goals and achieve them! 


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